3. Technology

Technology Stack and Integration
Estate Protocol employs a sophisticated technology stack and integration to streamline asset tokenization and provide users with accurate data. This section delves into chain selection, oracles, API integrations, custody solutions, and the interface.

3.1 EVM-Compatible Blockchain & ERC20 Tokens

The platform is built on Polygon, with more work being done to ensure cross-chain compatibility and access to the thriving Ethereum-based ecosystem. We utilize ERC20 tokens for asset representation, offering a standardized, widely-accepted format for seamless integration with wallets, exchanges, and dApps.
Each property is tokenized into unique set of ERC20 tokens, with fractionalized ownership units determined by the asset's value. This approach guarantees a modular, scalable, and interoperable tokenization solution.
To ensure accurate, reliable, and tamper-proof pricing data, we partnered with Chainlink to integrate their market-leading decentralized oracle network. Chainlink oracles provide real-time property valuations, market indices, and exchange rates from various trusted sources, maintaining transparency and trust in the valuation process.

3.3 API Integrations

Our platform incorporates APIs from Google Maps and Zillow, augmenting the user experience and providing valuable, third party insights into property-specific data.
Google Maps API integration enables users to visualize property locations, access satellite imagery, and obtain detailed geographic information. The Zillow API offers real-time property data, including estimated market values, historical price trends, and neighborhood analytics, contributing to informed decision-making.

3.4 Token Custody

Users self-custody their property tokens on Estate Protocol. It empowers users to securely manage their real estate tokens without third-party custodians. Users retain control over their private keys, mitigating centralized custody risks. The interface facilitates seamless wallet connectivity, asset management, and interaction with other dApps in the EVM-compatible ecosystem.

3.5 Front-end Interface

The web3 frontend application provides the access for users to interact with Estate Protocol's smart contracts. Users can browse a selection of real estate properties and check the facts, features and financial details of these properties. If they would like to purchase property backed ERC20 tokens, they need to go through a KYC process first, provided through our partnership with Blockpass. Then users are able to connect with their crypto wallets and to stake and purchase these Estate tokens. In the personal vault, users can have a detailed breakdown view of their current holdings of properties they have staked in and properties they have owned tokens for.

3.6 Conclusion

Leveraging an EVM-compatible, Ethereum layer 2 blockchain using ERC20 tokens, Chainlink's oracle, API integrations from Google Maps and Zillow, self-custody and a Web3 interface, Estate Protocol delivers a secure, transparent, and technologically advanced solution for tokenizing real estate assets. This robust technology stack redefines the real estate investment landscape, providing unparalleled access to quality assets and unlocking new value creation opportunities.